Snapchat’s Second Hardware Product is a $230 Selfie Drone

Snapchat has unveiled the Pixy, a limited-edition flying selfie drone that costs $230.

A variety of pre-set choices were shown on the Snapchat website, allowing the drone to follow or orbit about you, or simply float in situ, before landing in your hand once the movie has been taken.

Everything you record with Pixy will automatically transfer to your Snapchat memories, allowing for further editing if necessary.

The drone appears to be limited in supply and only available in the United States and France. Before purchasing Pixy, Snapchat recommends checking your local laws for drone regulations.

In Snapchat's 11-year history, this is only the company's second hardware rollout. In 2016, the social media giant debuted Spectacles, which are official smart sunglasses.

The glasses can capture up to 10 seconds of video and transmit it immediately to your Snapchat memories for uploading, sending, or editing, just like Pixy.

The release of the Spectacles was also comparable to that of Pixy in that it appeared to be more of a test for the corporation than a firm commitment to hardware.

At the time, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel stated that the company would take a "slow approach to rolling things out" because "it's about us figuring out if it fits into people's life."